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Yongxiu County in Jiangxi Province and the Wuning County, with a total area of 308 square kilometers. Yongxiu County Lakes area of 72 square kilometers, there are 331 islands, is a sight-seeing, and leisure in one of the lake at the provincial level key scenic spots. Lake Reservoir Dam Zhelin magnificent weir, is Asia';s largest earth dam, 14 square kilometers near the dam boundless expanse of blue water and the open lake. Asia';s largest earth ...[Detail]

Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province Xiaotianchi northeast of the southern suburbs of Jiujiang City. The total length of 2,000 meters scenic valley, there are 30 places of natural attractions, scenic strange, original, quiet, towering peaks, steep cliffs, misty clouds, the water sweet and cool, green mountains attractive, strange stone visible, double- like dragon Chuxiu waterfall, lake Erlongxizhu. 30 years before the 20th ...[Detail]

Kom Tong Hall Lake is located in Jiujiang City, is a natural lake. Kom Tong Hall Lake, the ancient name of "Jing-yang Lake", an area of about 80 million square meters, with an average depth of 1.4 meters, made by the Lushan Mountain spring water pool, Tang Changqing years (AD 822) before and after the provincial governor Li Bogang the Renjiang Zhou, in order to Yangtze River water to prevent back flow when the flood season, threatening the ...[Detail]

Poyang Lake is located south of the Yangtze, in northern Jiangxi Province, in different historical periods, the Poyang Lake have had different titles, mainly Penzer, Peng Wu, Guanting Lake, Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater lake, is the famous national bird protected areas, wetlands of international importance. Gan Cheng Lake South River, Fuhe, the letter Jiang, Xiushui and Raohe other five river water, North Note the Yangtze River, Poyang ...[Detail]

Changling and Castle Peak adjacent to a bank of Poyang Lake, the peninsula, due to the convenience of water transport have benefited from the Poyang Lake, the history of the Changling was once a bustling center of the pier, the establishment of the Ming Dynasty in the Changling Inspection Division, later moved to the Castle Peak town. Changling town in addition to terminal business, the history, there are many places of interest, according to ...[Detail]

Young Island is located in the rural territory Wuning County, with a total area of 32.7 mu. Rare wildlife park animal and plant resources. And has many unique natural landscape. 1993 by the Provincial Forestry Department as a provincial forest park. Major natural landscape: Wu Wangfeng, located in the northeast corner of Forest Park, across the border card, the peak of the village forest, altitude 750 meters. Wuling Ridge Mountains from nine ...[Detail]

Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang City, the southern suburbs, convenient traffic, in fact, "southern outskirts of the park." Pinnacle mountainous territory, deep forests, bamboo shade Taoist temple, Tin House cottage Along the suspension springs are more waterfalls, towering rock formations dotted. North nirvana here the mountain is not only picturesque, and famous historical site throughout the humanities, with a hero slope, Lianhua, Lung ditch ...[Detail]

Three stars located in the Poyang Lake County on the southern waterfront, which is a small rocky island, high if Shu Zhang, Yu Bu aspect weeks back about a hundred, but the total area of 1,800 square meters, shaped like a star at first glance like floating in the water, transfer To Zhuixingsuohua. Song Jiang of the singular of "stone lake today, when the stars," the poem describes. Legend of the Five Emperors Laoer there, Conferring it the "Gem ...[Detail]

DUCHANG near Poyang Lake in Nanshan, a tall and beautiful, have a dignified appearance as the mainstay of the stands in the ten thousand ares blue. Su Shan has attracted tour, wrote "over all chang," the famous poem: Poyang Lake Duchang County, Lights up the house ten thousand. Nanshan people do not cross water separation, East wind old Bi peach. Traffic Between the City and Nanshan in Duchang County has built a cross-Poyang Lake, the ...[Detail]

North Castle Peak Scenic Area is located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, located in Ruichang City Central. Scenic area of about 123 km2, the territory is Mufu Mountain Mountains, the highest peak Yufeng sharp elevation of 921.3 meters above sea level, and other terrain dominated by low mountains. Lushan';s sister called Castle Hill. Castle Peak from "Qinshan" evolved, according to legend Emperor Ping of the six countries, when Deng';s ...[Detail]